Biker Stirrup and Clip Installation Instructions

Biker Stirrup Installation Instructions:

Do NOT place the clip on the pants seam! Place the Clip in front or behind the seam.
Do NOT force the clip closed. Forcing the clip may cause damage resulting in the clip failing to stay closed.

Caution: Forcing the clip closed on a seam or placing too much fabric into the clip may cause teh tension tab to curl or bend, resulting in failure to remain closed.

Adjustments: While standing, adjust the length of the strap so the pants are snug against the top of the boot. Move the tri-glide adjuster to ensure that the unused portion is not left loose. Please ensure the stirrups are securely fastened to the bottom cuff of your pants before riding.

Stirrup Placement

Boot Licker (Clip) Installation Instructions:

Hook the Boot Licker under the laces 1 - 2 lace holes from the bottom then clip the Boot Licker to the front of the pants cuff.

Please allow approximately 2 to 3 lace holes from the bottom of the pants to attach the Boot Licker.




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